Mission & History


The Neighborhood Corporation’s mission is to address community and economic development needs, especially those of low-income families and individuals, in Greater Taunton. Our purposes include:

- to encourage the removal of slums and blight
- to promote economic opportunity and job creation
- to foster community safety and crime reduction
- to provide decent, affordable housing
- to promote environmental protection
- to instill a sense of pride and purpose among residents

Founded in 1979 as the Weir Economic Industrial Revitalization Corporation (WEIR Corporation), our organization was initially formed by a group of concerned residents in Taunton’s Weir Village neighborhood. Over the next three decades, we played a significant role in the revitalization of this area, redeveloping brownfields, preserving green space, and organizing community events. In 2008, we extended our service area to encompass all of Greater Taunton. Our newly expanded organization took on a new name – The Neighborhood Corporation – to reflect this broadened focus.