TNC’s Weir Village Planter Drive

The Neighborhood Corporation

 PRESS RELEASE – March, 2017

The Neighborhood Corporation
120 Ingell Street, Taunton, MA 02780
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This spring, The Neighborhood Corporation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to community revitalization, is asking for your support in an effort to continue to beautify the Weir Village.  We are on a mission to replace the existing flower planters with twelve self-watering planters that retain water for 2 to 3 weeks.  Most of the 12 existing planters are broken and need to be replaced.  With the assistance of Steve Vilaboas of the “Garden Patch” we will be able to purchase 12 new planters at a discounted cost of $269.00 each.  Steve will plant and care for the flowers from Spring to Fall this year.

In order for The Neighborhood Corporation to move forward with this project, we need the support of all the Weir businesses as well as those who work or live in the Weir.  The flowers have added so much to the look and character of Weir Village.

Please consider a sponsorship of $269.00 for a planter or a cash donation to help reach our goal.  In order for Spring planting to begin, a prompt response would be appreciated.


Barbara Cardoza, Treasurer
TEL: 508-823-1439  EMAIL: